Sunday, January 10, 2010

How it all began..

Let me just say that my family did not wake up one morning and expect that they would soon have a new addition to their family, a Shiba Inu. It all began when they decided to take a trip to the mall and as they where their they received a phone call asking to pick up some dog food. This was for boo, a three year old Lhasa Apso who would soon be my new big brother. As their shopping excursion came to the end they decided it would be convenient to just run into the pet store located into the mall. They hated going into this place seeing all the sad eyes from us dogs, so they decided to go in get the food and leave. I laughed at how simple they thought their plan would be. As my soon to be new mom waited in line she took a look around and it didn't take more than one glance to see me, a eight week old beautiful black, tan and white Shiba. She got out of line and walked over to the small cage I was sitting in. I knew at that moment I was going home with her. She took me into a small area and played with me, she loved me and I loved her. It was a only a matter of minutes she was signing the papers to bring me home. As she walked me through the mall to get to her car everyone was looking at me, I mean how could you resist such a gorgeous dog like me. We got into the car and she brought me to my new home.

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