Monday, January 11, 2010

The First Year

They decied to name me Babes becuase of how loving and cuddly I was during the first week. Then, I decided to test my limits. First I made it clear that I was now the head of the household and every item would now be mine. I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted. One nice summer day as I sunbathed on the back deck I got bored. So do you know what I did? I ate not one but two of my owners lovely new wicker chairs. It did not stop there I also managed to get my paws on a lovely new pair of shoes, a very expensive night guard for teeth grinding, a computer charger and the list goes on. The second thing I was going to test was my new family's love and devotion for me. I became a door bolter just to see if they would chase after me, they did. By the third time I got them really mad and they crated me for a long while so I decided to lay off the door bolting (but I do admit it was very funny to see them chase me down the street holding treats in their hands yelling for me, finally when I felt like it I turned around ran right past them and into the house..oh how it still makes me laugh..but hey they really loved me).
I overheard them a few times saying they did not know what to do with me and if I didn't get better they might have to give me away. I thought to myself how lucky I was to live with such a nice family. I had a mother, father, two sisters, and Boo the Lhasa Apso who became my new favorite thing to stalk. So I decided to be a little better, not a whole lot better because as everyone should know Shiba Inus only listen when they feel the need to.


  1. Hi there! Just wanted you to know I added a link to your site from my new blog! I'm trying to compile a list of all of the Shiba blogs on the internet (in English at least!). Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. hiya babes! we enjoy reading your blog. will you update it with more silly pics?

    your fans,
    kuma & hiro